Financing Your Backyard Project


Obviously, it's a big advantage for you to know exactly how much money you can borrow for your backyard project. Here are a few helpful tips for you to consider as you investigate financing.


TIP #1: There are basically 2 ways to get financing for your pool project:

  • "Home Improvement Loan"
  • "Refinancing" your existing loan


There are advantages and disadvantages of each. It's usually best to talk to a lender (or call us) to find out which of these will be best for you and your situation.


TIP #2: Do you know how much equity you have? It's fairly easy to calculate:

  • Go to, enter your address, and find the “ESTIMATED MARKET VALUE" of your home.
  • Alternatively, you can search your county tax records for the “tax assessed value” of your home.
  • Then call your mortgage company for your CURRENT BALANCE(s). Note – If you have a 2nd mortgage, you must include that in the total.
  • Subtract CURRENT BALANCE from ESTIMATED MARKET VALUE to determine your EQUITY.


TIP #3: Talk to a lender. Note that you DON'T need to fill out an application, or worry about anything hitting your credit report. Just make a phone call to one of our preferred brokers, below, and get their advice for your unique situation. They'll be happy to help you out. Or give us a call; we've helped thousands of people through this process.


For home improvement loans, call any of the following experts:



Green Sky Financing

Financing Options from GreenSky
Finance Your Pool Project
GreenSky credit programs financing is provided by a network of federally insured, federal and state chartered banks.


You're also welcome to fill out our simple application, and fax it to (972) 783-4056. We’ll be happy to give you our confidential recommendations and advice. Or just call us, at (972) 783-4090. After 30 years in the business, we have a pretty good sense of what it takes to get qualified for a loan.