I am a retired Full Colonel U.S. Air Force B-52 Bomber Pilot and an admitted extreme perfectionist. I had a state-of-the-art salt water pool built which included wireless variable speed pump/filter control, in-floor automatic pool cleaner, highly custom Badu-jet dual swim jets, and built-in hidden automatic complete pool cover. However, I had never found any suitable pool company to maintain my pool and its components.


While recently venting my frustration to the Badu-jet pump motor manufacturer, he recommended SOUTHERNWIND POOLS, INC in McKinney, Texas. I contracted with them to renovate all tile and coping, as well as completely rebuild the swim jet system. The bottom line is that I met my match concerning perfection!!!! From the demo folks, tile/stone masons, and swim jet pros, to the clean-up folks and system start-up pros, I was absolutely amazed!!


Everyone accomplished a superb job and in a truly flawless professional manner. In addition, the project supervisor was on site on a regular basis and basically available 24/7 to insure my complete satisfaction throughout the project.


I highly recommend these perfectionists to anyone who clearly wants the most outstanding service available in the swimming pool industry.


Joe N.



We're very satisfied with our pool. Mike, my project manager and Mike, my sales manager both were extremely personable and helpful throughout the process.


Mike Calonne, the project manager, was quite communicative and responsive. He provided me with peace of mind.


Jamie Dawson

Our experience with Southernwind pools has been great through the entire process from the stage your Sales person Adam started working with us, and understanding what we were looking for all the way through pool construction and completion.


Adam Johnson: provided a great design for the pool especially as we had limited space in our backyard to work with, and he was extremely helpful as we went through the process of design and material selections. Pleased with his creativity as well as pleasant but not pushy approach. The design he came up with shown in the video schematics turned out to be very close to reality.


Charlie Burton: has been a great Project manager on this, he was very responsive and on top of the things on week-to-week basis as we progressed through the project. Things do not always pan out per the schedule planned due to reasons not always in our control, but Charlie kept us in the loop and up to date on the action plan which kept us positive throughout the project. I had heard horror stories on pool builds, and I can say with Southernwind Pools, we did not have any major issue, actually was a pleasant experience.


Even your back-office person Angela that schedules all the contractors was responsive through-out the project who I figured out plays an important role.


Both Miguel & Michael from your service department were helpful in educating us on the pool features and functionalities. After seeing first-hand how Miguel took care of servicing & finishing the pool, I decided that we will get your pool services to maintain the pool.


I am in the services business and believe that people that represent the company create the image/reputation of the company.


Your entire team mentioned above exemplify great service-oriented professionals representing Southernwind Pools in a positive way.


Harjeet Nanda

Mary, Thank you for coordinating with all the people who came out over the past 3 weeks to fix our recent pool cleaning problem. The pool looks great and I really appreciate all the extra effort that you all went to send multiple people out multiple times a week.


I highly recommend your company.


Michelle Bowker White

Charlotte and I just wanted you to know that we couldn't be happier with our Southernwind pool and spa. Your crew was a joy to work with. Chad designed the perfect pool and spa for us, and Chuck was the perfect site supervisor. He was always available for us, always kept us informed, and bent over backwards to make things right.


We appreciate the professional way that our pool was constructed and that everything turned out exactly like you said it would. Thanks to you and your crew for making our dream come true. We are looking forward to many hours of enjoyment in our pool and spa.


Byron & Charlotte Buchanan

"I just wanted to let you guys know that Jesse is doing a great job!"


Bill Flynn


"I would really recommend John and Southernwind Pools. We've been extremely happy. They helped us with all the decisions, and they've just been excellent in every step of the way. We have absolutely no complaints with John and his crew. They were very, very timely and very efficient. They've been really, really on top of things and anything we need they come out and check it out."


Kevin and Trish D.; McKinney TX


"The thing that Southernwind Pools did, certainly beyond the norm, was to stay in touch with me and communicate with me as the pool was under construction. That kept the process moving along fairly quickly. The communication was the best I've had. I'm the one that probably appreciates the quality more because I see it day in and day out. When we have friends over they really comment on the beauty of it. I basically sketched out the design for John and his folks and they gave me some very good pointers as to how to slightly alter the design so it worked better, but they were also very amenable to the ideas that I had. Of course I would recommend Southernwind Pools if I'm asked."


Richard M.; Dallas, TX


"Everyone absolutely loves our pool. When they walk in, they always ask who built the pool. It's exactly what we wanted and it fits in perfectly with our lifestyle. They worked great with us on putting in the pool when we bought the house so that everything worked well together. Definitely the best thing about the pool is the design. It works exactly the way we wanted it. The guy who designed it met exactly what we wanted. Everything worked out perfectly from construction stage to final product. We felt like Southernwind Pools, from all their references, was perfect. We would definitely refer other people to Southernwind Pools. They did a wonderful job from beginning to finish."


Marrisa & Patrick G.; Plano, TX


"John and the whole Southernwind team were great in walking us through the process. They were very patient with all the questions we asked. They consistently under-promised and over-delivered on timelines. We were very happy and pleased that things were actually done ahead of when we expected it. The pool was built with minimal disruption to our family and our normal schedule. They were really great in scheduling around our lives as well. If we had it to do all over again, we would absolutely choose Southernwind Pools again. We were very happy with their professionalism, their service, and really with the quality of work they did."


Ben J.; Dallas, TX


"Southernwind has done a very good job of working with us, helping us put together a plan, showing us things on the computer and just bringing it all together so that we had a good idea of what it would look like. John and the team at Southernwind did a great job coming in and telling us what was going on during the process, and always keeping us informed of what the priorities were, how the pool was moving along, and then when they thought it might be done. We had ideas what we wanted, and they really made sure we had our wants in it before we started. We've got the tanning ledge I wanted, and we've got the diving boards for the kids. It's just great. Everything turned out wonderful."


David & April B.; McKinney, TX


"My name is Chendo Gonzales and I just wanted to give you my description of Southernwind Pools. My wife and I looked at least three or four different pool design companies. We then personally met john at Southernwind Pools and because of the way they worked we knew that we made the right decision."


Chendo G.


"I'm Dara Dohnalik and Southernwind Pools has just completed our pool. Working with john we found that he was very accommodating and open, especially with the changes and questions that we had."


Dara D.

Southernwind Pools - Ron and Kim Jones testimonial"There really were no areas we can think of where Southernwind fell short of our expectations. In most all areas, Southernwind exceeded them."


"The overall pool building process was as smooth as we could have expected. We had friends that had warned us that the process could be stressful and, in short, a nightmare. We chose Southernwind because we felt they built quality pools using quality materials. What we didn't know upfront was how we would interact with the employees. Let's just say that we were very pleasantly surprised in everyone's professionalism and friendliness. It was a great experience for us and we felt like we have some friends for life. Mike Calonne and Mike Estes were both awesome guys to work with."


"We have referred several people as you are aware and will continue to recommend the company to any we know who may be interested in a pool."


"Thanks for the great pool and making our dream come true. Thanks also for being such great folks to work with."


Ron and Kim Jones

Southernwind Pools - Dennis S. testimonial"We are new to Texas so we had to get acquainted with a few differences in construction practices here. The folks at Southernwind were very gracious and helped us understand the process."


"First, to say our designer, Chad Dains, was the best. He came to our home and took photos before the design. He works with an amazing design program that allows him to show us EXACTLY how the pool will look at our home. We got pretty close on the first pass but we were not quite there. At our first design meeting we discussed what we liked and what we did not care for. We wanted an elevated gazebo so we found a photo from a garden in CA that we loved. Chad incorporated it into our first revision and BAM, we were there! He sent us a YouTube video that we shared with friends. We all agreed that this design was perfect!"


"Next we had to get an approval from our HOA. No problem, the submission that Chad sent in was immediately approved with a WOW that will be a great pool."


"The construction process is closely supervised by John and he is very good about communicating what the next process will be. We had a few delays which were caused by storms. The crews are all very professional and the folks are true craftsmen."


"Just like we wanted, the pool is the "money shot" when you come in our front door. Everything in the design has made for a first class, resort quality pool."


Dennis S.

Southernwind Pools - Jeff and Nicole Drake testimonial"What a Transformation! Great vision and design. Landscaping was just completed today. Many sincere thanks."


Jeff and Nicole Drake

Southernwind Pools - Keith Gruenberg & Marcia Simpson testimonial"We love Southernwind Pools! We recommend them...very honest."


Keith Gruenberg & Marcia Simpson

Plano Tx

Southernwind Pools - David & Misie Deitchman testimonial"The way Southernwind pool finished out our pool with all the elevation is better than we expected"


David & Misie Deitchman


Southernwind Pools - Jeff & Barbara dean  testimonial"We love our pool"


Jeff & Barbara Dean


Southernwind Pools testimonial"We are very happy with Southernwind pools and your staff. We will highly recommend your company to family and friends in the future"


John & Janet Dougherty


Southernwind Pools - John testimonial"I just want you to know that the stone/coping workers are done and it is, without a doubt, the most beautiful work I've ever seen. I was in Tivoli, Italy 25 years ago and stayed at a villa that had once belonged to their king that had ruled that small city outside of Rome 2000 years ago -- and I loved the baths there. They were rectangular baths -- much the shape and size of my pool. I know those baths were hand carved out of travertine, because I was dating the descendant of the family that supplied that exact travertine, but I remember relishing the art and craftsmanship that created the cuts in the stone that surrounded those baths. This, my pool, is not only comparable - but absolutely beautiful. I see the same artistry that went into those ancient baths in my pool. For that, I thank you. Those men worked so hard."


"My heart went out to them. They truly worked harder than I've ever seen any set of men work and on top of that they are true artists. Is there any way I can send a token of my gratitude to them?"


"And for you, thank you! It is beautiful!! I, as you, work VERY hard for my money. And this stone work is beyond my wildest and greatest expectations."


"I am beyond pleased."



Southernwind Pools - Jennifer & Joe Swenson testimonial"We love out pool from Southernwind"


Jennifer & Joe Swenson,


Southernwind Pools - Paul & Karen Vasta testimonial"They put up with my changes, AWESOME JOB"


Paul & Karen Vasta


Southernwind Pools - Chuck & Tracy Bedsole testimonial"The quality of our work was excellent"


Chuck & Tracy Bedsole

Dallas Tx

Southernwind Pools - Rick Perrin testimonial"Plaster crew was awesome"


Rick Perrin

Dallas tx

Southernwind Pools - Melda Cipli-Clark testimonial"As FineLines Design Studio Owner ,I would like to thank you for the great workmanship and perfect implementation of our project. Elkins Family , as the owners and myself as the designer of this beautifully executed pool , we really appreciate your work. I will highly recommend your work to my future clients as well."

"Thanks again!"

Melda Cipli-Clark
Owner, FineLines Design Studio, llc.

"Very satisfied with the service and quality of work received from Southernwind Pools. We did some renovations on our pool that is ~12 years old. Mark R. was great in helping us pick out tile/stone, and giving us our options and honest recommendations. Visiting the showroom was extremely helpful. Crews were timely and respectful. Looking forward to having them help us with our outdoor kitchen.


Very highly recommend Southernwind Pools."


Deb Delatte

Review taken from BBB

"I appreciate the below and respect that Southern Wind Pools is honoring the oversight. I continue to appreciate my choice in selecting your company as both a builder and as a weekly service company."



"The salesman was excellent. He salesman was personable, caring, understanding and he followed through on everything. All the adjectives you would use to describe the ideal salesman apply to him. Southernwind Pools is a great company."


Mary Seddio

We love Southernwind Pools! They've done two pools for us, and we'll have them do another if we decide to purchase another home.


Mike Calonne, our designer, was especially fantastic. He nailed what we were looking for and was able to show us what our pool would look like from different perspectives (outside view, view of the pool from inside the house, etc) with a 3D rendering in their office on a nice big screen. Very professional.


The pool was constructed in a timely fashion with exceptional quality and attention to detail. Not only are we extremely happy with the finished product, but Southernwind has provided top of the line customer service with their weekly maintenance visits and responding to any concerns we have. You will find the owner of the company active on the job site, and always available for questions, long after the project concludes.


Highly recommend Southernwind Pools!

Mallory Lynne

"I was most satisfied with the way Southernwind Pools followed the schedule and provided excellent communication. Communication is a big factor for me. They always addressed problems quickly. Mike Calone who was the salesperson was great. I am highly satisfied with the quality of the workmanship."


Drew & Eric Bladon

"I'm very satisfied with the overall quality of the pool. Southernwind Pools either met or exceeded my expectation in all of those areas. The process is worth it, and even when they fell short we ultimately got it worked out. I've built pools before and had regret. Here, I don't."


"Southernwind Pools did a wonderful job!"


Greg & Lisa Cyrier

"They were not the cheapest. They were actually the most expensive bid we got. They explained their value, and didn't degrade their competition. That's why we went with them. They made sure that we knew what we were getting into. You get what you pay for, and we are very happy.


"The whole experience was really good. There was a little bit of weather delay. After it passed, they got to work. They always answered my questions. They went above and beyond my expectations.


I would like to recognize Chuck. He was very responsive, and answered all of my questions fully."


Daniel and Denise Kelly

"As the year has drawn to an end I find that I have been remiss in formally thanking you for your customer service heroics. Having had a negative experience with our last pool, we went to great lengths in selecting a reputable company to build this one. It is clear we made the right choice.


We were disappointed when our stone starting eroding around the fountain and spa area. Our thoughts were stone should be the last thing to go out on a pool so when we called you to come look at it we were prepared for a battle. Imagine our surprise when you said all the stone needed to be replaced. and that you would take care of it!


There are a lot of companies who can build a quality pool but there are only a few of you can call four years later with a problem and have them stand by their work."


Thanks for being that company.


John and Kristal Land

"Out of all the designers, you were most in-tune with the design of our home.


"I was really impressed with how Paul spent more time in our home experiencing the realization of your design than hanging outside in an isolated attempt to create a separate design in our backyard."


Anthony Schell

"Thanks again for a great job on our pool. We have enjoyed it immensely and have had no problems with it at all. The pool service is working out fine and I appreciate the timeliness, service, and reports your gentleman provides.


"The one remaining item left was the repair of the screen doors around the patio, which got beat up during construction. We got those repaired today and they are back to good shape.


"I went with a nylon mesh, rather than the original metal to keep the cost down. I figured if I wouldn't pay the difference, why would I ask you to? This should wrap up the last remaining piece for the project."


George Camalier

"We love our Southernwind Pool. John and his crew went out of their way to always satisfy what we wanted. We built a geometrically designed pool so it was imperative that every angle be exact. John oversaw the entire process and was extremely detail conscious. John always kept me up-to-date on the schedule and the pool was complete on time despite the size of the project. I would recommend Southernwind Pools to everyone."



Nick C.; Frisco, TX

"Southernwind Pools surpassed our expectations and I would recommend them to anyone who wants a pool. The design and quality were exceptional, the contract was exactly what we expected and they were here when they said they would be."



Chendo & Alison G.; Dallas, TX

"The enclosed gift certificate for Outback Steakhouse is for you and your wife to enjoy an evening out. Joanie and I would like to give this to you for two reasons. One is to say thanks for building us a great pool and the other is to apologize for making you wait during our last appointment at our house. You may not recall but I was 30 minutes late. This is something that usually never happens to me. I did appreciate your patience and understanding and did not want you to think we took it for granted. We look forward to working with you in the coming days to put the final touches on our backyard paradise. You will have to come see how much better it looks with landscaping."



Eric & Joanie B.; Frisco, TX

"I would definitely recommend Southernwind Pools to anyone. John did a great job in keeping us up-to-date every step of the way."



Tom & MaryAnn M.; Frisco, TX

"Southernwind has great service and I am very pleased."


Kelly & Jay G.; Murphy, TX

"I think the most important aspects of a pool builder are reliability and follow-up. John Versfelt and Southernwind Pools were terrific."



Kevin & Shannon T.; Allen, TX

"We are very pleased and appreciate all you guys did for us. Thanks so much for everything."



Steve Pittard; K. Hovnanian Homes; Area President DFW Central Division - Dallas, TX

"John, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to check out (and repair) our "Suction Actuator Valve" Everything appears to be working normally. Thanks Again."



James T.; McKinney, TX

"I am very thankful this season for my relatives coming to visit us. We are proud of our home. However, the area I am anxious to show them the most is the pool! It look so good ! On Monday, our service person and did a terrific job. I just thought you should know how much we are enjoying the pool!"


Kim A.; Allen, TX

"We can't thank you enough and your entire company for everything, from the design all the way through. It’s been great having a Southernwind Pool and not having to worry about anything. You definitely go the extra distance in customer satisfaction."


Kelly & Bill W.; Frisco, TX

"Southernwind Pools eliminated every frustration we have had with contractors. They have been the easiest to work with and the only company that has performed according to our expectations without any hassles."


Diane S.; Frisco, TX

"It didn't take us very long to make the decision to choose Southernwind Pools. I would recommend Southernwind Pools to anyone that wants to have a pool built."


Mark N.; Rockwall, TX

"There are too many companies and products to choose from. We made the right decision because John and Southernwind went out of their way to help in any way that they could."


David G.; Carrollton, TX

"John's service and attention to detail was exceptional when we had a Southernwind Pool built."


Eric M.; Plano,TX

"Southernwind Pools is reliable and delivers a quality built pool. John has great communication and kept me up to speed."


Mark W.; Carrollton, TX

"My wife tells me that your technician was very professional and polite, so please pass along the compliment."


"The expertise, respect and professionalism shown by all of the people I encountered with Southernwind Pools is what impressed me the most. The fact that they stand behind all of their work and strive to provide a distinction in service is a major factor and should be taken into account when making a purchase like this.
They really do stand above the others in their field. Highly recommended!"


Mary Seddio, Savannah TX

"Southernwind Pools is organized and professional.Their staff addresses and resolves problems effectively and remained on schedule throughout the project. We are extremely satisfied with the quality of the workmanship.
We highly recommend them."


Mike Davis, Savannah TX